Little River Inventory and Monitoring Plan is Approved

Little River IMP
The photo shows (from left to right) David Weaver, Bill Johnson, Paige Schmidt, Kris Metzger and Peter Dratch checking out a freshwater mussel bed after completion of the IMP pilot workshop.

Little River NWR completed their Inventory and Monitoring Plan (IMP) with a team including Refuge Manager David Weaver, Refuge Forester John Stephens, Zone Biologist Paige Schmidt, Regional I&M Coordinator Kris Metzger, Lead Biologist for National I&M Program Peter Dratch, Zone Biologist for Central and Eastern Texas Jim Mueller, Zone Biologist for Great Plains Bill Johnson, and Wildlife Refuge Specialist at Caddo Lake NWR Jason Roesner. This effort served as the pilot IMP for Region 2 and was the first IMP approved in the region. Further, Mark Chase presented this IMP to Rowan Gould when he briefed him on the National I&M policy. Service staff can log into ServCat at to download a copy of the Plan or to search other approved IMPs.